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Thu, 08/29/2013 - 17:25 by admin

First Day of School Gift and Keepsake from YourCoverIt's the First Day of School!  How will you remember this special day in your child's life?  Of course you'll take lots of photos, maybe even some video.  When my little ones went off on the bus the first time I took photos at the bus stop, plus photos getting onto the bus, and then photos getting off the bus at the end of the day!  When my daughter entered her senior year of high school, I took the last 'first day of school' photo so we could compare the two images of her heading off to kindergarten and then 12 years later heading off to her last year of high school - time flies!!

YourCover offers a unique way to celebrate and commemorate this important day in your child's life. Use our blank magazine cover template to create a "Kindergarten" or "School Days" magazine cover or choose the "Scholar" magazine cover.  

To the left is a magazine cover created by our customer Mandy in Texas. She used the blank magazine cover template to create her "Kindergarten" magazine cover.  Her son looks adorable as he heads off to school for the first time.  Mandy captured this moment in time with headlines about her son's likes, interests and what he we wants to be when he grows up.

Whichever magazine cover template you choose, it will feature your child's photo along with headlines all about their first day of school.  Use the online magazine cover editor to upload the photo. You can then personalize each headline to include the name of the school, your child's teacher, the date, a funny or special memory of the day, and more.

A YourCover personalized magazine cover is a unique and memorable 'first day of school' gift and keepsake.  Your gift can be instantly delivered when you download and save the image file to your computer for  self printing. Or let us print and frame your "first day of school" keepsake for you.

Wed, 08/21/2013 - 19:31 by admin

The August 2013 Magazine Cover of the Month was designed by Sue P of Bordentown, NJ.  The Cover of the Month is chosen from the top 3 covers with the most likes in that month's Facebook album. Sue's personalized magazine cover beat out the competition from nearly 40 other entries.

August 2013 Cover of the MonthThere are several reasons Sue's personalized magazine cover came out so well.  She used our blank 'make your own title' magazine cover template and created her own title "Rock Star Living". This clever title really matched well with the photo she chose to upload.  Each headline is a funny tribute or memory about Bob whose photo graces the front cover.  Sue used each element and feature of the magazine cover editor to create a unique personalized birthday gift.  

We could tell from the comments the cover received in our album that the recipient loved his gift and his friends and Sue's friends also thought it was unique and special gift.

To create your own personalized magazine cover whether as a birthday gift, an anniversary gift or a gift 'just because', visit YourCover to choose from over 80 magazine cover templates to find the one that matches your occasion or recipient's personality or interests.  Or like Sue, choose the blank magazine cover template to create your own title!

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 17:37 by admin

Dana Vee is the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom.  She uses her blog to educate consumers on how to get the most for their money as well a to offer suggestions on the best products, places, events and establishments to visit.

Personalized Sweet 16 Magazine CoverThis month is Dana's daughter's 16th birthday.  In planning the big party for this milestone birthday, Dana contacted us to see if she could create and then review our Sweet 16 personalized magazine cover. Of course we said yes!  As the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, Dana does a thorough job of investigating a product and giving her readers all the pros and cons.  We are really happy to report that Dana's review was informative, interesting and best of all positive. Take a moment to read the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom's review of YourCover for insight on why a personalized magazine cover is a unique Sweet 16 gift.

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 20:06 by admin

Unique personalized birthday magazine cover giftDo you remember the gifts you received for your last birthday?   Me neither.    Unless it was truly special or ungodly expensive, most people have trouble remembering what they received and from whom.   It doesn’t need to be that way.  A personalized fake magazine cover from YourCover is the most unique and heartfelt gift you could ever give to someone you care about.   Their reaction to your one-of-a-kind gift will be something for you to cherish while they cherish your thoughtfulness! 

Making a gift always means more than simply buying a gift.  And making a unique personalized birthday gift that can be framed and enjoyed for years and years, means even more!  The inside jokes, the photos and memories that bind people together, all can be combined in a completely personalized magazine cover that can be printed at home, at a photo shop, or by the team at Yourcover who can also professionally frame your personal creative masterpiece! 

The only problem you may end up having is that all of your other friends will become jealous that you did not make a personalized YourCover magazine cover for them.  But that can be easily fixed.   Just wait until next year! 

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 14:45 by admin

Gift from Groom to Bride - Personalized Wedding Magazine CoverGuys are notoriously uncreative and bad about getting gifts for their girlfriends and spouses.   When a couple decides to get married the engagement gift is a lay-up – a ring.  Since the rings (engagement and wedding) are assumed, what gift can the groom get to both surprise and delight his new bride?   How about a personalized magazine cover from YourCover?  It’s something intimate, completely personal and of course not too expensive. 

In just fifteen minutes or less you can create a gift that your bride will treasure and keep – forever.  Really, she will NEVER throw it out.  In case you grooms are not aware, women like to keep stuff forever.  I can say this from personal experience. 

You already have lots of photos, and memories of how you two met and came to be together.  Stories abound and all can be combined and compiled into a front and back personalized magazine cover for a unique photo gift that will not only impress your new bride, but also show her your creative side.  She’ll like that a lot.  

Planning a wedding is a stressful time for a groom (ok and the bride too) and I can remember my thinking how I could not wait for it all to be over and to be on that honeymoon.  I wish YourCover magazine covers had been around when I got married.  I’m sure my wife would still have saved one of the most personal gifts I could ever have given her.  There’s still time for you! 

Mon, 06/24/2013 - 19:31 by admin

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated by the spouses more than anyone else and that’s the way it should be.  Yet family and friends of the happy couple often wish to acknowledge the benefits and accomplishments of staying together.   It’s a known fact that on an overall basis, married people live longer and are happier than their single counterparts.   

Unique Anniversary GiftMaking a completely personalized fake magazine cover for the honorees is a great and heartfelt way to show both your admiration and how much you care.    All you need is a couple of good photos and a little imagination and YourCover makes it easy to do the rest.  In as little as fifteen minutes you will have created a unique anniversay gift that will outlast almost every gift imaginable.   I note almost since diamond earrings and a cruise around the world are still pretty cool gifts too. 

Are you bored with not having a good idea on what type of gift to give your parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents or good friends?     Check out the wide variety of magazine cover templates available at YourCover.   If you cannot think of enough things to write about, no problem as YourCover has loads of headline suggestions that can help spark your own creativity. 

 Think about giving a completely unique personalized fake photo magazine gift versus let’s say an ashtray, wine glasses or flowers.  Is there really anything to debate?   

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 14:02 by admin

I remember my high school graduation all those years ago.  It was a cloudy, hot and sticky day in late June with an imminent threat of a thunderstorm.  At some point during the ceremony someone set off firecrackers – now that was memorable.   I wish that I had a personalized fake magazine cover from complete with photos from the day of my classmates as well as photos of my old school.   It would have been fun to have a top ten list of reasons why I was happy to graduate (ok there were more than ten – way more) and funny remembrances of thingsGraduation Fake Magazine Cover Gift that happened along the way. 

But back in the day there was nothing like YourCover personalized fake magazine covers.   So all I have are a few photos, a yellowed diploma and what I have in my memory banks.   Pretty much the same can be said of my college graduation which for whatever reason is even less clear in my memory than my high school graduation! 

What is an appropriate graduation gift?   Sure cash is great – and appreciated.  But not necessarily memorable (I guess unless it was a LOT of cash).   Why not give a gift that will be truly appreciated, remembered and is extremely affordable?   

Visit Yourcover and choose the Graduation magazine cover template to get started while there’s still plenty of time to have fun creating your completely personalized gift. 

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 17:10 by admin

My immediate family is somewhat small but my extended family is pretty large and I always enjoy spending time with the cousins, aunts, uncles, parents and in-laws.    More than ten years ago we had a family reunion at a resort.   We’ve not had one since but there are many fond memories of that week that are slowly beginning to fade. 

Family Reunion Personalized Magazine CoverKeeping those memories close at hand would be so much easier today had we had the opportunity to commemorate that time with a personalized magazine cover from YourCover.   And it could have gone way beyond magazine covers as it’s easy to have the unique covers turned into t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads –even posters.  All would be a great way to remember a great week.  Yes we have photos from the event but the ability to tie them all together in one completely customized magazine cover would have been great.

Are you planning a family reunion this summer?    Well if so then take lots of photos – both planned and spontaneous that you can then use to create a lasting memory of your special week.   Choose the YourCover Family Reunion magazine cover template to make a magazine cover to give to family members is easy and fun and everyone will be both surprised and grateful. 

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 19:49 by admin

The Spring sports seasons are drawing to a close. Many teams hold season end banquets, barbecues or parties to celebrate the camraderie, hard work and results of the previous weeks and months.  Whether the team is for a school or in an independent league, YourCover has several magazine cover templates that work perfectly as unique team gifts for a gift for coach.

Personalized team gifts can be created in several ways.  The first step is to choose the template, YourCover offers many spring sport titles including "Play Ball" (for baseball or softball), Lacrosse, Tennis, Golf, Track and Soccer. There is also the more general "Sports Report" as well as Champions. You can also choose the make your own title template and name the fake magazine cover based on your team or school.  

Duplicate fake magazine coversThe next step is to add the photo, you can add a photo of the entire team together or create individual personalized magazine covers each with a different team member's photo.  

YourCover has a helpful duplication tool. After creating the first magazine cover and saving it, simply click on the "duplicate" link. This will create an exact duplicate of the first magazine cover, just add a new photo of the next team member. The headlines can remain the same except for the athlete's name and any other personal info you'd like to add.  This process can be repeated for all the team members.

In addition to team gifts, YourCover has a Best Coach magazine cover. The process for creating this magazine cover is the same as for the team gifts. Choose the template, upload a photo of the coach alone or with the team, and then customize the default headlines to be all about the coach, the team and the season.  This unique keepsake captures a moment in time and the memories of the season will last a lifetime.


Mon, 06/03/2013 - 19:20 by admin

It's so exciting for us here at YourCover when our products are picked up and featured by online publishers.  Recently Buzzfeed distributed an article by Alanna Okun listing "26 Rad Father's Day Gifts that Aren't Ties".  Our personalized Father's Day magazine cover was included in the list as #8.  A press release we wrote about the Buzzfeed article was sent out last week and picked by various news outlets around the country.  A portion of the release is included below:

"...Alanna pulled together 26 great ideas ranging from custom golf tees to Star Wars golf club covers to #8 - a YourCover personalized Father's Day magazine cover. Buzzfeed is well-known for its breaking news and fun lists of ideas, memories and products that quickly become memes that are shared and reshared through social media.

A YourCover Father's Day or Best Dad magazine cover is a personalized Father's Day gift that's as unique as the Dad starring on the front cover." [continue reading]

To make a personalized fake magazine cover as a unique Father's Day gift, follow these 3 easy steps...

1) Choose 1 of 80+ YourCover magazine cover templates
2) Upload a photo
3) Customize the default headlines to be all about the Dad on the front cover (his life, family, friends and interests)

Best Dad Personalized Magazine Cover