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A personalized Basketball magazine cover starring your player, team or coach is a unique gift for celebrating the love of basketball. Includes your photo and custom headlines all about the basketball player, their team, their season, or just their love of basketball. Great gift for any basketball lover for birthdays, holidays or as a team gift or coach's gift.
8" x 10"
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Need a unique gift for someone who LOVES basketball, or plays or coaches basketball? Or perhaps you want to celebrate the end of a great season with a unique team gift? Whether you are looking for a unique birthday gift or a personalized basketball gift for any other reason, a fake magazine cover that features a photo of the team or basketball player is a unique basketball gift that will be kept forever. Use the YourCover magazine cover generator to customize headlines of the “Basketball” magazine cover template to reflect the likes and dislikes and special basketball memories of the person (or team) starring on the front cover. Choose from our wide variety of headlines so that when completed your personalized basketball gift will be a special memento that celebrates the success of the team or one particular player on the court and over the course of a memorable season. Our one-of-a-kind back cover feature allows you to add a special message to this unique basketball gift, for example you could add statistics from the season or mention the team members or send wishes for a happy birthday. There is also room for additional photos of the team or athlete in action.

For those who would like to create a magazine cover to give as a gift for each member of the basketball team (or perhaps to give to the coach or graduating seniors or outstanding performers), one of the great features of YourCover is the duplication feature. Create your first Basketball magazine cover with custom information about your team; add the first team member’s photo and the specific information about their season on the team. “Duplicate” the fake magazine cover by clicking on that feature button in the My Covers area of your account, the cover is duplicated and all the team info stays the same and you only have to add the new photo and team member’s name and their specific performance information. Each team member’s gift is unique and distinctive yet maintains a theme centered around your basketball team.

Our purchasing options allow you to decide which of our personalized magazine cover products best fulfills how you need to receive your basketball gift. You can choose a downloadable photo file to print yourself, or let us print and frame your personalized basketball gift for you. Rush shipping is available along with a variety of frames, mugs, posters, and other accessories. When searching for a unique basketball gift or team gift, create and personalize a fake magazine cover. You’ll be giving a personalized basketball gift that’s as special as the athlete starring on the front cover.

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