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Fake Magazine Covers

Thu, 11/10/2016 - 13:29 by matt.decof_79274

So you’ve got your personalized magazine cover all set, but haven’t decided on a frame to put it in yet. Why not spend an hour and make one? Using an existing frame, you can customize the frame for your magazine cover with personal flair, and make use of that old frame collecting dust. Armed with household items and a trip to the dollar store, construct the best picture frame imaginable -- whether it’s for you or a friend!

Wooden Frames


For the outdoorsy magazine cover, the supplementing frame would look great as if it too, had just walked out of the woods. Head into the backyard and grab a handful of small twigs that vary in size but are relatively close in girth. From here, break them apart in a size that corresponds with the border of the frame, grab your hot glue gun and glue them around the edge of the frame. Once the glue dries and settles, you’ll have the rustic, outdoorsy frame to correspond with the cover.

Holiday Themed Frames


If you and the family have recently been featured on your brand new, fake magazine cover for the fall, it’s a great idea to incorporate the seasons into the frame! Using a dab of hot glue and a quick trip to the dollar store, you can score fake leaves and pine cones to decorate the edges/borders of the frame. These soft & warm colors can highlight the magazine cover on the table as you show it off for Thanksgiving dinner -- who knows, maybe someone in the family will love your craft; instant holiday gift idea!

Washi Tape


Washi tape is one of the easiest ways to recreate a perfect look from an old picture frame. These pieces of tape typically feature patterns and are easily cut to fit. Grab a few rolls of your favorite color and pattern and start laying them on the frame. If you’ve got a baseball star in the house,vertical pinstriping might be your go-to idea. This way, you can place that personalized Sports Illustrated magazine cover in a custom frame that completes the look inside his/her baseball themed room!

To get started on the personalized magazine cover to put inside your DIY matching frame check out our create-a-cover page here and start designing!  With an instant download available at a low cost of $9.95, you can create the perfect gift for any friend or family member in minutes.