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Fri, 05/17/2013 - 19:03 by admin

Each month our customers add their personalized magazine covers to our Gallery of Covers. We then add these covers to an album on our Facebook page.  Emails go out and posts get circulated on Facebook letting everyone know that it is time for them to visit that month's album to help us choose the Cover of the Month.  Visitors to our Facebook album then 'like' whichever covers they think are the best. Customers can tag and share their magazine cover design with their friends to try to get as many likes as possible. At the end of the voting period (typically 3 days), we choose the Cover of the Month from among the three fake magazine covers with the most likes.

The May 2013 Cover of the Month is a 6th anniversary gift that Michele K of Sneads Ferry, NC made.  The photo is super cute and fun!  She used our standard "Happy Anniversary" magazine cover template but then personalized it to her occasion by adding the word "Sixth" to the title.  For being chosen as the May Cover of the Month Michele has received a gift code for a free magazine cover print and wood frame (with free shipping too of course).  We're sure you'll think that Michele's design is a fun example of a personalized magazine cover and is a unique and memorable anniversary gift.

To make a fake magazine cover for your anniversary, follow the 3 simple steps below:

1) Choose a magazine cover template (we have 80+ choices)

2) Upload a photo of the couple

3) Personalize the default headlines so each one is about the recipients, their family, interests, likes and dislikes. You can include special memories and inside jokes too!


Thu, 05/09/2013 - 16:31 by admin

Finding a unique 50th birthday gift can be a challenge. YourCover offers a 50th Birthday fake magazine cover that is easily created, affordably priced and quickly delivered.  A lot of 50th birthday gifts are gag or novelty gifts that make fun of 'how old' the person is. However, if you're interested in giving a gift that's still fun and memorable but doesn't poke fun at the recipient, a 50th birthday magazine cover fits the bill.

To make a magazine cover follow 3 easy steps:

50th Birthday Personalized Fake Magazine Cover Gift1) Choose a magazine cover template (we have 80+ choices but for this occasion we recommend 50th Birthday, Celebrity, SuperStar or one of our 'interests' templates such as Golf, Tennis or dance)

2) Upload a photo of the birthday honoree

3) Personalize the default headlines so each one is about the recipient, their family, interests, likes and dislikes. You can include special memories and inside jokes too!

If you need a last minute 50th birthday gift that is delivered instantly, the magazine cover can be downloaded to your computer as an image file and self-printed. If more time is available, YourCover can print and frame the magazine cover for you. Our turn-around time is super fast with orders typically shipping same day and delivery time taking 2-4 business days.

Below is a recent review about a 50th birthday magazine cover made by Judy V of Aurora, IL that explains why YourCover is a unique 50th birthday gift idea...

"Selecting a gift for the person who has everything is quite difficult, especially if it's a milestone birthday. This was a great idea and Your Cover makes customer service a top priority! I was quite impressed. After sending the payment info, etc., I got e-mails from customer service that the picture was blurry. Most companies would have just made it, I paid for it. They did not and helped me when I sent additional pictures until the quality was top notch. Not many places do that and I would/will definitely use them again!"

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 20:21 by admin

I remember my high school graduation all those years ago.  It was a cloudy, hot and sticky day in late June with an imminent threat of a thunderstorm.  At some point during the ceremony someone set off firecrackers – now that was memorable.   I wish that I had a personalized magazine cover from YourCover complete with photos of me and my classmate as well as photos of my old school.   It would have been fun to have a top ten list of reasons why I was happy to graduate (ok there were more than ten – way more) and funny remembrances of things that Graduation Fake Magazine Cover Gift from YourCoverhappened along the way. 

But back in the day there was nothing like a YourCover Graduation fake magazine cover.   So all I have are a few photos, a yellowed diploma and what I have in my memory banks.   Pretty much the same can be said of my college graduation which for whatever reason is even less clear in my memory than my high school graduation! 

What is really an appropriate gift to a graduate?   Sure cash is great – and appreciated.  But not necessarily memorable (I guess unless it was a LOT of cash).   Why not give a unique graduation gift that will be truly appreciated, remembered and is extremely affordable?   

Visit Yourcover and get started on a personalized Graduation magazine cover while there’s still plenty of time to have fun creating your completely personalized gift. 

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 19:25 by admin

Who's got the best mom?  Show her the love and make her feel like a celebrity when she sees herself on very own personalized Best Mom magazine cover or on a Mother's Day magazine cover.  Instant delivery means you get your last minute Mother's Day gift immediately upon purchase, no shipping so no shipping fees or waiting around for the delivery.

Best Mom Magazine Cover for Mother's DayHow do you make a personalized magazine cover?  To create this unique last minute Mother's Day gift for your mom, follow the 3 steps below. Within minutes you will have created a gift she'll love and keep forever.

1) Choose a magazine cover template (we have 80+ choices but for this occasion we recommend Mother's Day, Best Mom, Celebrity, SuperChef, Diva, Fashion or Champions)

2) Upload a photo of mom by herself or with the family

3) Personalize the default headlines so each one is about your mom, the family, her interests, likes and dislikes. You can include special memories and inside jokes too!

Order your fake magazine cover as a photo file download with instant delivery. Your last minute Mother's Day gift will be sent by email to you. Plus the image file for self-printing will be on the order confirmation (thank you) page and it resides permanently in your Purchase History at YourCover.  If you would like us to print the magazine cover for you (and we can frame it too!), delivery by 2-day FedEx or Overnight FedEx will still have your gift to you before Mother's Day (just be sure to order by Thursday May 9 at 1PM ET).

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 14:55 by admin

Many of our customers return to YourCover time and again because each magazine cover they make is a unique personalized gift that really captures a moment in time and the recipient's personality.  One example is our customer Sue who has ordered from YourCover more than once.  She recently decided to Hunting Magazine Covermake a magazine cover for her brother-in-law's birthday.  If you are looking for birthday gifts for guys, read Sue's story below:

"I really enjoyed creating the YourCover. It was easy, fun and makes a memorable gift.  I made if for my brother-in-law's 40th birthday and decided to do the Hunting cover instead of a 40th Birthday magazine cover because hunting is what he enjoys.

The cover was a greatly appreciated by my brother-in-law.  I had many people inquire how I created the cover, they all thought it was a great gift. I will definitely make more for other friends and family."   by: Sue W. of Macomb, WI

A YourCover personalized magazine cover is the best birthday gift idea whether you need ideas for a 50th birthday gift, birthday gifts for guys or even unique gifts for Mom. With over 80 magazine cover template choices, there is a magazine cover for nearly every occasion, holiday, interest and personality.

To make a magazine cover, choose a template, upload a photo, and personalize the headlines to be all about the person starring on the front cover.

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 15:33 by admin

Aside from parents and teachers, athletic coaches are some of the most influential adults in young people’s lives.  A great coach does so much more than lead his or her team on the field of play.   Winning on the field is great but winning in life is all the more important and a great coach is able to understand the difference.

When I think back on the coaches I’ve had and that my kids have had I can remember the great ones and the not-so great ones.   I often wishBest Coach Fake Magazine Cover there had been a way to acknowledge with a unique coach's gift how the team (and parents) felt about the great coach that would be more memorable than tickets to a ballgame, a plaque or a watch.   A personalized fake magazine cover from YourCover would have been just perfect.  

The inside jokes about the players on the team, their idiosyncrasies and of course the coach’s odd and often funny sayings that every member of the team can recite with ease should never be forgotten!   I can recall one of my high school coaches asking me during a tennis match in which I was trailing, if I was in a hurry to lose.  I thought about what he said, changed my approach and won the match!   And I’ve never forgotten that whenever I play now.  

I’ve actually stayed in touch with that team from many years ago but sadly lost contact with the coach who I am sure has since passed on.  I regret that we did not have the opportunity to let him know how we all felt and a personalized Best Coach magazine cover could have easily depicted all the highlights and fun we had during that championship season. 

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to give a great and memorable gift to an influential coach.   Check out and start on a Best Coach magazine cover today.   Both the team and the coach will never forget it!  

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 15:00 by admin

Think back to the teachers from your past who you can still remember today.   If you’re like me it’s a positive thing for the most part as some of them were really great, I’ve also tried hard to forget the teachers that left me cold.    I still find myself remembering things that my teachers have told me and I’m even more appreciative of the caring and influence they had on my life.   

Best Teacher Gift - fake magazine coverSome of my old teachers are even active on Facebook although it is a bit odd to be FB friends with someone that taught me in high school a very long time ago.  Yet they are closer to me in age than are my children!   Had YourCover been around at the time there are several of my former teachers for whom I would have enjoyed creating a personalized BEST TEACHER fake magazine.  I would include the inside jokes that only the teacher and my classmates would understand (and they still make me laugh so many years later).  What’s more the teachers would have loved it – and kept and treasured it I’m certain. 

When you are growing up it’s sometimes difficult to realize that a teacher is playing such an important role in your life’s development.    In fact it’s likely that Mom and Dad recognize a great teacher before the student does.  

If you are looking for a unique teacher’s gift for your teacher (or your child’s teacher), you can make Teacher Appreciation Day especially memorable with a “Best Teacher” personalized magazine cover from Yourcover.  It’s the perfect way to acknowledge and remember the best of the best when it comes to those that help shape your future. 

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 14:24 by admin

We're so happy to share the following story from Carolyn of Atlanta, GA.  She recently made a Sweet 16 personalized magazine for her granddaughter.  It's easy to make a magazine cover using the online cover editor at  Below Carolyn's story you will find directions on how to make a fake magazine cover yourself!

Sweet 16 fake magazine cover"I am grandma and I was trying to figure out what to give my granddaughter and the Sweet Sixteen Cover page was a great idea. This will last for years after, all the [gifts of] money are spent and the jewelry is lost, the cover will still be there. This was one of the greatest gifts she received. The customer service staff was great in helping to make everything perfect. Thank You."
by: Carolyn W of Atlanta, GA

How to make a Sweet 16 magazine cover:

  1. Choose the Sweet 16 magazine cover template found in the YourCover online editor
  2. Upload a photo of the girl whose birthday it is. (make sure it is a hi-res, good quality photo)
  3. Personalize the default headlines so everything is about her, her life, family friends and interests

If you need a last minute Sweet 16 gift or you like to do things yourself, choose the photo file download. You will save the image file of your fake magazine cover to your computer for self-printing. You can print as many copies as you want. If you have more time or prefer the convenience, YourCover can complete the gift for you by printing and optionally framing the personalized magazine cover. Your Sweet 16 gift will arrive ready for wrapping and giving.

Thu, 04/18/2013 - 13:21 by admin

Below is a guest post from a YourCover customer. Peggy tells us why she made a personalized Hunting magazine cover for her 88 year old mother.  Thanks for sharing your story Peggy and congratulations to your mom!

Mom Shoots 1st Buck Personalized Hunting Magazine Cover

My mom shot her 1st buck ever! She started hunting when she was 20, but hasn't been hunting now for over 20 years. She went out with my brother last Fall in hopes of just seeing any deer, then saw several bucks. It took her 5 shots at over 100 yds ( the deer kept coming back) but she got one. She is looking forward to hunting again this Fall.

Name: Peggy H
City: Eagan
State: MN

It is only 3 simple steps to make a fake hunting magazine cover to celebrate your success this hunting season. At choose the Hunting template, upload a photo, and then personalize the default headlines to be all about the hunter on the front cover.  Magazine covers can be purchased as photo file downloads for self-printing (instant delivery for a great last minute gift idea) or YourCover can print and frame your hunting gift for you. With 80+ choices YourCover has a fake magazine cover theme to celebrate every type of occasion, event or interest.


Wed, 04/10/2013 - 16:35 by admin

We get a lot of requests from customers who want to make a fake Time magazine cover.  Due to copyright laws YourCover can't offer a direct copy of Time magazine BUT our customers can use our blank magazine cover template to mimic a Time cover themselves.  Below are instructions for how to make a personalized Time magazine cover using the YourCover editor.

Personalized Time Magazine CoverHow to Make a Fake Time Magazine Cover:

1) In the YourCover magazine cover editor choose the blank (make your own title) magazine cover template

2) Upload your photo and position it on the cover

3) The editing tools on the right will allow you to change the title from "Your Title Here" to "TIME".  Keep the font style the same but click the 'B" to unbold the title.  Using the "+" arrow on the right, enlarge the word "TIME" to the size you want. We clicked it 60x to make it really big in the example shown here.

4) Continue editing the headlines by clicking on each text box and revising it to reflect your cover star's life, interests, the event being celebrated, etc.

The personalized Time magazine cover that is created can be purchased in several ways including as a photo file download. This image file can be saved to a computer or thumb drive like any photo and printed as many times as wanted at home or at a local printer. YourCover can also print and frame the fake Time magazine cover so that it arrives ready for giving.

Personalized Time magazine covers are fun birthday gifts for guys, unique gifts for Mom, a unique idea for a 50th birthday gift or to give as a memorable Boss' Day gift.  Visit YourCover to make a fake Time magazine cover for your next special occasion.