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Honor the hero in your life. Unique gift for service members, firefighters, police officers or those battling cancer or major health issues.
8" x 10"
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A hero does not have to be an official service member, a hero can be a teacher, a good friend, a volunteer or a cancer survivor. Bravery and loyalty in the face of adversity deserves recognition, the Hero personalized magazine cover created here at YourCover is a unique gift idea for bestowing that recognition. The "Hero" personalized magazine cover from YourCover gives consumers the opportunity to let everyone know how very special their hero is. The online magazine cover generator is easy to use. The first step is to choose the Hero magazine cover template. Next a photo is uploaded and each headline can then be personalized with the name as well as the specific heroic efforts of the person now appearing on the magazine cover. The Hero personalized magazine cover is much more than a fake magazine cover because it includes so much more than just a photo. With the detailed information about important events, actions and memories, the Hero magazine cover is a completely unique and personalized gift that will thrill the recipient and be kept for years to come as a testament to the admiration of their contribution. Affordably priced, the magazine cover can be purchased as a photo file download for instant self-printing (great last minute gift idea). However, YourCover can also print and frame the magazine cover plus there are other items for displaying the magazine cover such as canvas prints, posters, t-shirts, mugs and more.

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