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1st Birthday

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The 1st Birthday personalized magazine cover is a unique gift idea for celebrating baby's birthday. Capture this moment in time with your photo and custom headlines all about baby's first year. This unique 1st birthday gift will bring smiles and happy memories for years to come.
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Use the 1st birthday magazine cover template to celebrate and commemorate the exciting milestone of a baby’s 1st birthday! This personalized 1st birthday gift is as unique as the baby starring on the front cover. Upload your photo to the design system and then use the online design tool to personalize the headlines to be all about baby. When creating a fake magazine cover to use as a unique 1st birthday gift, you can include special memories about baby’s birth, parents, siblings, and family. Don’t forget to mention all the sweet and funny things that make baby so special! The fake magazine cover design tool at YourCover provides default headlines for you to customize as well as a library of suggestions. When you are done you will have created a unique 1st birthday gift that will be cherished for years to come. The unique back cover feature is available just in case you have a more photos and info than can fit on the front. Purchasing options provide you with a variety of choices so you can choose the product that is most convenient for you – a photo file download for instant printing at home or a photo print that YourCover will produce and ship to you. Frames and rush shipping are also available. To create a personalized magazine cover simply click here, make a magazine cover, or on the button above and you’ll be on your way to a personalized 1st birthday gift that will be the hit of the party.

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