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Tue, 12/04/2012 - 17:39 by admin

J-TWO-O offers a great blog "about life, sports, cats and dogs, politics and politicians, books, sex, food, music, and whatever else I feel like writing about".  In her post on December 4, 2012 J-Two-O has a gift guide that includes all sorts of fun gift ideas for the upcoming holidays.

J-Two-OYourCover is thrilled that J-Two-O thought that our personalized magazine covers were a fun gift idea to share with her readers.  For anyone who needs a unique holiday gift, YourCover has a magazine cover template to match every type of personality, interest or event. To make a magazine cover simply upload a photo and then customize the headlines to be all about the recipient's life, family, friends, likes and dislikes. Each magazine cover is as unique as the person starring on the front cover.

Available as a photo file download for instant self-printing, a magazine cover is a great solution for last minute gifts. However, YourCover can also print and frame your gift and have it shipped in plenty of time for the holidays.

Thanks again to J-Two-O for the mention and check out her other suggestions as well. 

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 17:44 by admin

KeepTheTailWagging.comYourCover Dog Lovers Gift in Keep the Tail Wagging Gift Guide is an online magazine cover for dog lovers. They recently compiled a great list of unique pet gifts and YourCover's Best Pet personalized magazine cover was included! 

The 2012 Holiday Gift Guide offers numerous wonderful suggestions for special gifts for dogs and dog lovers. The Dog Life and Best Pet magazine covers can be found on page 22 of the guide.

Personalized Dog Magazine Cover Unique Gift from was started by Kimberly Gauthier who is 'fur mom' to three dogs and two tolerant cats.  The topics of the site cover six major areas including Dog Training, Dog Behavior, Dog Health, Dog Nutrition, Dog Safety and Cool Pet Products.

Anyone who loves dogs will enjoy the KeepTheTailWagging website, newsletter and gift guide. Check them out!


Thu, 11/29/2012 - 17:54 by admin

So like every year you get the list out of the holiday gifts you need to buy for family and friends.   It could be electronics (tablet computers for everyone might be over your budget however), clothes or cold hard cash. Can you say "BORING"?   Or worse, the horror of having someone else give that same person the very same gift and have it opened before yours?   We've all had that experience and it's not much fun at all.  

Personalized Fake Magazine Covers from YourCoverGetting someone a completely personalized holiday gift from will have people envious of the uniqueness of the gift and the idea itself.   A great last minute gift  but even better when you take the time to create a truly personal and intimate personalized magazine cover.  

A gift from can be romantic, funny, sweet, nostalgic - or all of them at the same time.  It's up to you to design and create the magazine cover using the simple and easy-to-use cover generator.  You can print and frame it yourself, or have the experts at professionally matte, frame and ship your creative gift  to you or to the recipient in ample time for the holidays.   

Having a unique and special gift to give will give both you and the recipient a warm feeling inside - something that can't be beat for the holidays!  

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 20:15 by admin

Personalized Golf Magazine Cover Gift from YourCoverGolfers are unique breed and you know what I mean.   They are passionate and at times crazy for the game.  Getting a gift for the golfer is always a challenge.  How many golf balls, golf shirts and golf gloves can one person receive?   A unique and VERY personalized golf gift from is sure to get the kind of attention reserved for only the best gifts!    The personalized golf magazine cover can be professionally framed by YourCover or you can download the jpg image file and print it and frame it yourself.    

If you are part of a golf team a personalized fake magazine cover   is a great way to celebrate the season.   There are as many choices as there are unique golf swings - and you know what we mean when we talk about unique golf swings (think Charles Barkley for example).    You can write about the great courses played, the fantastic and memorable rounds in those special places.   And what about those amazing shots (both good and bad) that can never be forgotten?    

Photos are so easy to upload and they make the magazine cover all that much more personalized - and special.   You don't have to give the same old golf gift this year.   Show your creative side and have some fun making a magazine cover golf gift that will be remembered long after the holiday season is over. 

Mon, 11/12/2012 - 21:05 by admin

Veteran's Day is an important US holiday that gives us all the opportunity to thank our military membersHero Fake Magazine Cover from YourCover for their service to our country.  Members of the US Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force as well as members of the National Guard are the true heroes who help to keep us safe from forces within and without who seek to do harm to our citizens, government and country.  A day such as Veteran's Day allows us to pause and think about their contributions and sacrifices that afford us the freedoms we enjoy each day.

To thank one of your Amercian Heroes, you can use our HERO magazine cover template to create a unique gift and keepsake that features their photo and custom headlines. Simply upload the photo to the magazine cover generator at, choose the Hero fake magazine cover theme and then personalize the headlines.

Each magazine cover is as unique as the person starring on the front cover. The personalized magazine cover can be downloaded as an image file for self-printing (great last minute gift) or YourCover can print (and frame) it. Fake magazine covers can also be printed on mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts and posters.


Mon, 11/12/2012 - 15:08 by admin

When it comes to getting married people often describe marriage as being more than a piece of paper - the paper being the marriage license that you have to have before a marriage is considered legal and tender.  The 'official' first year anniversary gift is also - paper.    Cash money works right?    But not if you''re counting on STAYING married!   

1st Anniversary Fake Magazine Cover from YourCoverSo what kind of gift to get your beloved for that all-important first anniversay?    A unique 1st anniversary fake magazine gift  from will deliver on all counts!    A personalized anniversary gift makes that special day all the more special - a sign that the marriage is already passing its first test of time.   

It's a romantic way to celebrate an anniversary - on paper!   Remember the honeymoon?   How about all those wedding gifts?   A personalized fake magazine cover from can also help you remember all the great things from that first year when you've been married a long time and cannot exactly remember things from thirty or more years ago - at least not quite as well.  

A personalized magazine cover paper gift for a first anniversary could not be easier nor more personal.   Just one less thing you need to worry about!  


Wed, 11/07/2012 - 19:21 by admin

Like so many of my fellow east coast United States residents our world was turned upside down last week by Hurricane Sandy.  At we were without power and our printers were resting quietly as we rushed to find other options to deliver our products. Fortunately it all worked out and the power and internet service was finally restored.   But life goes on and if you know someone that' s having a birthday and could use a little cheering up a completely personalized  birthday fake magazine cover gift can be created AND sent from any computer with internet acess.

Whether it is a 60th birthday gift  a 30th birthday gift  or any other landmark birthday, a fake magazine cover will bring a smile to the face of all people that get to see it.   And right about now particularly on the U.S. east coast we could all use a few more smiles.   

It's an instant gift  when you need something great but don't want it to appear that you have forgotten a very important day for someone you care about.   So get to it and create that  unique gift  to make someone else's special day just a little more special.   

Tue, 11/06/2012 - 19:28 by admin

Personalized Hunting Magazine Cover from YourCover.comFall means that hunting season is in full swing here in the United States (and around the world we imagine).   Today, Election Day, Representative Paul Ryan is hunting for a different kind of game.  But Rep. Ryan is known to be an avid hunter who is quite capable of cleaning and dressing whatever he takes in the field.   Rep. and possible VP Ryan would look great on the cover of a unique Hunting Magazine cover from!   

Good Hunting gifts  are not always easy to come by which is why a completely personalized fake magazine cover  is the perfect way to acknowledge the discpline and committment required to be a hunter - where there's no guarantee of success.    Over the years there are some really terrific hunting magazine covers in our gallery of covers.  It makes a great and unique birthday gift, retirement gift   , or special and personalized holiday gift 

Crossbow, rifle or whatever is the preference, hunting season is the highlight of the year for hunters.   Why not find a great photo of the hunter with the faithful hunting dog and the kill and start making a great hunting cover today?  

Thu, 10/25/2012 - 17:06 by admin

It seems that Halloween is more popular than ever.  Having a great costume for the party has never been more important.   And if you are hosting a Halloween party you'd want to create some lasting memories.  A fake magazine cover 'entitled Halloween' is a great way to put some of those outrageous photos to work.   Using the make your  own title template, you can put in any fake magazine cover title that comes to mind.  

Of course HALLOWEEN NIGHT would work but we find that people are generally amazingly creative in what they come up with as can be seen in our magazine cover gallery.    Whether it's bobbingMake Your Own Halloween Personalized Magazine Cover for apples (ok does anyone really do that anymore), or taking part in a costume contest,  can help you make the evening memorable and perhaps even, dare I say it - LEGENDARY!   Apologies to Barney Stinson.  

Before the party you could even make some cool fake magazine covers, print them out and paste them to yourself for THE most unusual Halloween costume ever!    No matter how you slice it an instant gift from YourCover will be remembered long after the party has died down. 

Have a Happy Halloween!  

Thu, 10/18/2012 - 20:29 by admin

When I was a young soccer player we had a coach named Phil.  Coach Phil was not a great soccer coach but he had some memorable lines like Best coach Personalized Magazine Cover'Soccer is just like pinball, the ball bounces off things and sometimes it goes into the goal'.  We were not a very good team but coach Phil remains unforgettable. 

The fall soccer season always seems to fly by and before you know it winter has come.   

A personalized fake magazine cover is a great way to remember the great moments and the memorable (and not-so memorable) lines from the coaches and parents from the soccer season just passed.   It's also a great gift for coach and is sure to generate a lot of laughs and great stories.  You can totally personalize the entire cover from  for any sport.    You can make your own title or just use the Soccer magazine template already provided.   

There are plenty of coach Phil's that have come and will go, so commemorate the good and great moments so teammates, parents and coaches can all remember them for years to come.   

Soccer is like pinball?   When I was ten I thought that was funny and weird.  I still do.     

Soccer Magazine Cover