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About the YourCover fake magazine cover editor

With a bit of personalization and some care- build your very own personalized magazine cover using our easy tool and services.

YourCover started in 2000 with the belief that everyone deserves to star on his or her very own magazine cover. Initially, YourCover had its employees creating each issue individually, using photos and information provided by customers. This process of making fake magazine covers was highly labor intensive – and the price point reflected the considerable labor cost.

In order to lower the price of our personalized magazine covers, we renovated our site to enable users to create their own fake magazine covers online. The revised YourCover site debuted in 2006, was revised again in 2010 and most recently in 2015 so that now, with our fully automated and interactive site, you can log in to YourCover.com and create a magazine cover by simply uploading your own photos and adding text using our magazine cover templates and text suggestions.

If you choose, YourCover will professionally print your full-color fake magazine cover for you; you can also choose to have it framed. Other options include the photo file download which allows you to instantly save and print your magazine cover at home or at a local photo shop. Personalized magazine covers are unique gift ideas and make memorable party favors or distinctive table centerpieces. Make your own magazine cover at YourCover.com. It’s a clever way to celebrate and commemorate an important person, occasion or milestone. And it’s a unique keepsake that’s sure to be remembered and enjoyed long after the event has passed.

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