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Frequently asked questions - How Do I Create a YourCover Magazine Cover?

Why are the "next step" options missing? I can't save my cover.

You must start with Step 1 and choose a template. If a template is not chosen, the saving options under "next steps" will not appear. There is a blank option to create your own title, this is the very last choice in the drop down menu in Step 1.

Why won't my cover save? It just keeps spinning and saying to wait.

Make sure your photo is not too large (should be under 4000 pixels in width/height). Also, the sytem cannot recognize non-English letters or symbols such as hearts from a mobile device keyboard. Do not use keyboard shortcuts to type in other alphabets (Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic) or to add accent marks not typical to the English alphabet. If you are using Safari, try using Chrome or Firefox.

White is not boring! Though you may think you are being 'uncreative' by choosing such a 'vanilla-flavored' color - think again - the color white really pops off most photo backgrounds. If you have a dark background or a busy background in your photo, white might be your best choice for being able to read your clever headlines.

If you are having a hard time trying to find the right font for your busy background, keep in mind of the basic rule of your magazine cover. You want a font that people can read! At this point it is not about how it looks because if your photo is busy, chances are your font and font color will blend in with the background. Choose a font that is bold and large to come through your busy background [Verdana, Comic Sans MS, & Century Gothic] and try them in bold as well. Also increasing the font size will help contrast your text against the busy background. Keep playing around with the suggested fonts, as well as the many colors (white often works well), and we'resure you will find the one that matches perfectly! Don’t worry though, we do review orders prior to printing and if your text is illegible, you will be contacted.

If your headlines are appearing over people’s faces, do as follows:

1. Choose the headline that is covering the person’s face & click and drag to a different location.
2. If that does not seem to help, you can also use the photo edits [size, move, rotate, masthead, etc] to adjust the photo to move it away from beneath the headlines.

YES! We do give text suggestions for your front cover headlines! It’s ok if you didn’t see it on the design page, it can be easily missed. It is located under the ‘Choose a Custom Color’ in the green box, called ‘Headline Ideas.’

To use this handy tool, click on any one of your headlines, then click on ‘Headlines Ideas.’ It will display new headlines! Just click on the one you want and the phrase will insert right into the text box. Personalize our text hint so it relates to your magazine cover and change the font style, size and color to match the remaining headlines.

Our individual cover prints are printed on 8" x 10" advanced glossy photo paper. Posters and canvas prints can be purchased as well and are sized at 16x20 and 24x30.

Your personalized magazine cover can be made into an invitation by including who, what, where, when and all other details within your magazine cover headlines! We do not offer any other size options other than the 8x10 jpg photo file download or photo print. If this size is too big for you, after purchasing the photo file download simply re-save your image files in a smaller size. You can also work with your local printing store [FedEx Office or Staple’s], to help you get it down to the appropriate size.

You can purchase your magazine cover as a photo file download for self-printing. Or we can print it for you. 8"x10" photo prints are available as well as 5 frame choices. Poster, canvas prints, mugs, mouse pads and t-shirts can also be personalized with your magazine cover. See our Gift Ideas page for details.

With YourCover personalized magazine covers, you create your own personalized magazine cover using our magazine cover generator. Everything is done online; you upload your own photo, personalize your headlines according to the person you are making it for and then place your order when you are finished!

Start by clicking the orange CREATE YOURCOVER NOW button on the homepage and follow our easy steps, and get creative! We have default headlines for each occasion, so you don’t have to think of your own from scratch!

No, we do not offer inside pages to our magazine cover. Our magazine cover is printed on a single piece of 8" x 10" high quality, glossy photo paper.