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Uniquely Personalized Magazine Covers

The Perfect Gift For All Your Gift Giving Needs!

Are you looking for a unique memento to give the players of a sports team after a successful season? Are you searching for the perfect gift idea for a sports enthusiast? Do you have an anniversary or retirement party coming up and you are trying to figure out the perfect gift?


Well, for all of these ideas and many more – a personalized magazine cover is the perfect gift. Just imagine the look on the faces of your daughter’s swim team when they each get their very own copy of the team’s magazine. On the other hand, perhaps you need a unique coach’s gift as a thank you for their hard work and dedication; a YourCover personalized magazine cover is a thoughtful idea. Put a photo of the coach and team as the cover shot on their very own magazine cover!

A YourCover magazine cover really works for all sorts of occasions. It is definitely a special way to honor a retiree as they enter a new stage in their life. Not only does it make a wonderful retirement gift, but you could also use the magazine cover you create as a party favor and keepsake for those in attendance at the retirement reception. What a unique way to celebrate your favorite retiree’s career and contributions!

A wedding is another perfect opportunity to give a personalized magazine cover. Just imagine the bride on the cover of her very own bridal magazine! With just the right photos and your thoughtful words, you can quickly and easily create a memento that the bride and groom will cherish throughout their marriage!

Everyone loves the thought of seeing himself or herself on the cover of a magazine. With the high quality printing provided by YourCover, it will be just like your loved ones are on the cover of the real thing. Not only is a YourCover personalized magazine cover an ideal gift, but you’ll have fun seeing your creation come to life!

For your next occasion or appreciation gift, consider a personalized magazine cover to make that person feel extra special. For just about every occasion imaginable, a personalized magazine cover is the perfect gift. The recipient will look at it again and again and the acrylic frame provided with your order is the ideal way to display the magazine. Make someone’s day extraordinary by creating and giving a personalized magazine cover from YourCover