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Party Favors

Looking For Party Favors For Your Occasion?

Have you ever been to a party or wedding and received a really unique and thoughtful party favor? Would you like to choose a party favor for your next occasion that guests would appreciate and remember?

A party favor is small gift or souvenir given to a guest attending a party as a thank you for their attendance. Party favors are given out at all types of occasions, but there are certain occasions where they are a must!

Weddings – In Western culture, we often will give a party favor as a thank you to guests attending the wedding. The type of favor given varies greatly in price and is typically often dependent on the budget of the couple getting married.

Birthday Parties – Of course, at children’s birthday parties, the loot bag is a coveted bag of trinkets and treats that the guest of honor will give to his or her guests. Nowadays, many adult milestone birthday parties also give out party favors to help mark the exciting event.

Bridal or Baby Showers – Another trend becoming popular is to give out party favors at occasions such as a bridal or baby shower. Typically, the host or hostess of the shower will purchase the favors to give to guests as a sign of appreciation.

Retirement Parties – At some retirement parties, you may also receive a small party favor from the host and hostess, usually centered around the retiree. Although not a necessity, the retirement favor is wonderful way to honor the retiree.

No matter what the occasion, the perfect party favor idea is a personalized magazine cover from YourCover. It is a truly unique party favor idea starring the special honoree and is one that will long be treasured once the event is over. A YourCover magazine cover is so easy to create and affordable too!

Guests will love reading the magazine cover loaded with pictures and personalized information that you provide. With just a few clicks and the use of the creative guidance system, you can create a great party favor honoring the special guest! Check out the rest of the YourCover site today to see all the wonderful options for your next party favors occasion!