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Milestone Birthday Gifts

Discover The Perfect Gift To Celebrate Milestone Birthdays!

We all know how important the milestone birthdays are. The exciting anticipation of the 1st birthday party, the sweet 16, the 21st birthday bash, and the over the hill celebrations so popular when turning 30, 40, 50, 60 and 75. Each of these milestone birthdays are important occasions that should be marked with a meaningful and loving gift.

If you or anyone in your family or circle of friends is celebrating an upcoming milestone birthday, you are probably searching for a gift that the recipient will treasure for a lifetime. YourCover just happens to have that ideal gift! A personalized magazine cover is a terrific way to help celebrate this important event.

Everyone wants to join in the celebration of a first birthday. There is nothing more adorable than seeing baby’s first foray into the cake and seeing her eyes light up as she tears the wrapping off her gifts. Instead of giving another toy to add to the pile, consider giving a magazine cover starring the birthday girl or boy. What a terrific way to capture the precious moments of the baby’s first year of life by creating a personalized cover showcasing the adorable baby. You can input personalized text and photos showing how this baby was born to be a star! Also makes a great keepsake for guests attending this important milestone birthday party.

The 21st birthday is a popular milestone birthday because it represents the age where the young adult is finally legal! Why not celebrate their youth by creating a magazine cover showing the birthday girl or guy as a star! Make it funny and memorable too by inserting personalized text highlighting special moments of the 21 year old's life.

Chances are that you’ve been invited to celebrate these milestone birthdays at one time or another. If you struggled with finding the perfect gift, you now know that a YourCover is an ideal gift! Help the birthday guy or gal get over these milestones of life by showing how truly special they are on their very own magazine cover. Great ideas include creating a top ten list and adding some unique facts about the special person.

What better way to help someone celebrate their big ‘over the hill’ birthday than with a magazine cover that showcases the highlights of their life! If you are hosting a milestone birthday party, consider ordering multiple copies as table centerpieces! Guests will enjoy reading the magazine cover to learn more about the guest of honor. Whether you want it to be touching or funny - with just a few quick clicks - you can create a magazine cover they will cherish!

Any milestone birthday deserves a funny, thoughtful, touching, sentimental, and unique gift. A personalized magazine cover from YourCover can be all of these things and more! You'll soon see how easy it is to create a cover using our creative guidance system. Upload your photos, create headlines and text specifically about the special birthday person and voila ~ you have the perfect milestone birthday gift! Visit the rest of the YourCover site to order your milestone birthday gift today!