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Create a Magazine Cover

Create a magazine cover and show someone in your life just how special he or she is. A terrific personalized gift that is ideal for any occasion is to create a magazine cover to commemorate a special day and to show someone just how much you care.

All of us have struggled to find a great personalized gift that stands out and is appreciated by the recipient. Scouring aisle after aisle of department stores and even specialty stores usually underscores the difficulty of finding unique gifts.

Fortunately, modern technology and the Internet have made it possible to find and buy great personalized gifts while shopping in the comfort of your own home or office, anytime of the day or night. makes it quick and easy to create a magazine cover that will put a smile on the face of the recipient and become an instant family classic.

Sure, there have been times you enjoyed giving a great gift, but the actual finding and buying of the gift were certainly not the highlight of the experience. makes it as fun to buy and create the gift as it is to give the gift. To create a magazine cover at, all you need is a digital photo of the recipient and your memories. Upload the photo and use our templates and text guidance system to create a magazine cover that is as unique and special as the recipient. Every headline on the front of the magazine cover will be about the guest of honor. There is even a back magazine cover where you include still more info and photos about the recipient. No other website or company offers you the ability to create a magazine cover that is personalized not only with photos but also with headlines, text and a back cover too.

Since every magazine cover from is completely personalized, you will never have to worry about giving the same gift as someone else. No need to worry about size or style. You can quickly and easily buy a great gift when you create a magazine cover through wanted to make it easy, fun and efficient to Create a magazine cover, so our online tool is designed with speed and efficiency in mind. While remaining fast and efficient, you can create a magazine cover with many options and templates so it looks just the way you want it to for that special person in your life.

Already with a great selection of magazine cover options, will continue to add new designs so you can create magazine covers time and time again and build an entire collection of fun covers for your family and friends.

When you think about how important your friends and family are to you and you take their stories and your memories to Create a magazine cover, you are giving a wonderful gift that can be enjoyed for generations. From "how they met" stories to "Dad's favorite quotes", you can immortalize the memories and good times with fun, fantastic personalized magazine covers for all occasions.