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12 Ways to Give the Perfect Gift


12 Ways to Give The Perfect Gift

There comes a time when it no longer suffices to buy a gift that is straight off the shelf. Sometimes you need to make sure your gift is just perfect and completely unique. You will need to get a little creative to show your significant other, friend or relative that you really care. I know, you are asking yourself, "How can I best express my love? How can I show this person just how great I think they are?" Well fret no more my friends.

It doesn't matter if it is for your high-school sweetheart, best friend, mother or even your boss, we have asked these questions of ourselves and have compiled a list of easy ways to let your creativity reign so that you can give the perfect gift! Remember giving is one of the treasures in life, so do it right and make it memorable.

1 - Incorporate photos with your gift

Everyone likes to see themselves in a photo, especially if it is with someone they love (like you) or is of a special time in their lives. Find a picture from the past and use that in your next gift idea. It will make the recipient feel special and show how sentimental you are, which is always good.

So look through those long forgotten family photos you thought you threw away and pick out one that will brighten up someone's day!

2 - Inside Jokes

Remember those really funny moments you both shared? Yeah, like the time you and your best friend went to a baseball game and just as you were walking to your seats you slipped and your hot dog and soda went all over you just as the jumbo TV in the stadium had you on screen. Right, I know, not funny. But these funny memories are the best stories to tell. Include your special memories and funny stories, use a phrase or a picture that recalls the event. These memories never get old.

3 - Recreate their favorite holiday

Maybe it's St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day or Halloween. Whichever holiday it is, it doesn't have to be celebrated only once a year.

Show the person you love that you know what their favorite holiday is and work some of the magic from that day into your gift.

4 - Quotes are so quotable

Does the person have a favorite song or TV show? Do they have a favorite saying or quote that they are known for?

Do they just love “The Godfather” series? Try to work a quote into the gift and give them..."an offer they can't refuse!"

5 - Keep your eyes and ears open

You never know when the perfect gift will present (pun intended) itself. Be a careful observer, and take notice of expressions of desire when they say, "Oh, I just love this!" Go home and write it down or send it in an email to yourself so you don't forget. The fact that you noticed and remembered something that they expressed interest in will certainly be ‘big points’ in your favor.

6 - Pets are part of the family

Does the person have a favorite pet? Well get Fido involved! A gift that involves a pet is always guaranteed to bring a smile.

7 - Favorite color

A splash of the person's favorite color can complete any gift idea. Think of their most used color or ask them what they like the best and build a gift around that theme. It will be seen as thoughtful and packed with meaning.

8 - Say I love you

Simple words of love can add so much to a gift. You don't have to be Shakespeare to create a meaningful sentence, give it a try and you will be surprised.

9 - Location, location, location

Not just for real estate, but also for the creative gift giver that wants to add the element of surprise to their gift. Add excitement to the whole experience by placing your gift in a  spot where the recipient will find it. The spot you choose can have something to do with the gift itself or the spot can relate directly to your relationship.

10 - Any day is a good day

You don't have to give a gift only on designated holidays or occasions, sometimes the best days are the unexpected ones. Catch the person on a Monday or an early morning Sunday just waking up, any day you pick will be a good 'Just thinking of you' day!

11 - Hobbies and passions

Think of the person you are giving the gift to, do they have any hobbies or passions? Maybe they just completed a recent project that means a lot to them. Show them you support them and care for all that they are doing. Create a gift around that idea and work in the hobby, accomplishment or activity as much as possible.

12 - From the kids!

We all know kids are on a tight budget. OK, they have no budget at all. Talk to a child in the life of the person you are getting the gift for and ask them what they would say or write and then work that into the gift.

Maybe the gift is for your wife, so have it come from the kids. Or maybe it's for a special teacher, have the entire class add something toward the idea. This will make the gift extra special and surely to be remembered.


These 12 simple ideas offer a way to get started towards creating the perfect gift for someone special in your life.  Use just one or a combination of them to give a gift that is from your heart, a gift that will long be remembered and appreciated.